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Lost men

With the current state of the world it is hard to stay optimistic & hopeful & loving. As love is the absence of Judgment. And how not to judge? How not to think people are evil? But they aren’t evil. They are broken. We can reject their actions & harshly so, trying our best to make sure that it doesn’t happen again. But we love the broken, lost human, as that was the first thing missing for them. Especially men. I know, everybody loves to ride the “privileged male” worldview, which of course exists and we have to change it, as we want & need true equality for all. I just think that especially (straight) men have simply NO outlet for their feelings & emotions, which are as complicated & confusing as anybody else’s. In this patriarch bullshit wold of “boys don’t cry” they learned that their only outlet is (if at all) physical, from sports to violence. If we want to start changing the world, we got to bring more respect, love, compassion & support to those who feel different & alone. Less labels & stereotypes, less cliques & clubs, less growing separation & hate towards what is different. And it starts right here in front of our door, not at the other end of the world.

Look people in the eye, acknowledge each other, say please & thank you & be kind,

for f@cking sake!

Our world grew sick & our society grew cold. Start today: be kind, be loving and remember that the unfriendly bastard in front of you most likely is in a really shitty time himself.

The anger started long before you came into the picture & has absolutely nothing to do with you, so don’t take it personally. If you become hardened, it’s so much more difficult to help.

Sending you #love 🥰

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