"I have been a students of Mark's for over 4 years now. His teachings have had a profound impact on me and were the catalyst for many positive changes in my life. When I met him I was recovering from a burn-out and his upbeat, gentle, humour full teaching style was exactly what I needed to transit into a more loving relationship with my body and with exercise. 
This has been the foundation on which I, among other things, built a safe and steady self-practice throughout the years. 
But on top of that Mark is one of the few teachers in Amsterdam who teaches much more than just asana, more than just the physical side of yoga. Mark teaches how to apply yoga philosophy and mindfulness to both the physical and non-physical, in all areas of life, and how to think for yourself, rather than blindly follow some self proclaimed guru.
At first glance it may seem his classes are all about lightness and fun, which is great. But overtime I've found he weaves extensive knowledge and enormous quantities of love into his classes too, which has the potential to change you on a deeper level, if you open up to it. 
Lastly I dare to say he is 100% guaranteed yoga b.s. free. All that Instagram made us believe that yoga is, Mark is not. And that is gold, in my opinion!"

Marion K.

" All the yoga sessions I attended with you, I thought were for a quick fix...
I know understand that it was learning a valuable skill that I can now put into practice when I need it the most.
A genuine thank you for everything you have taught me over the many sessions."

Luke M.

"Mark is Amsterdam's best kept yoga secret and it's time to share it. Mark's knowledge of the human body is exceptionally detailed and knowledgeable. The muscles, the vertebrae, the connective tissue, he sees everything and knows exactly what he is talking about. Mark is originally a dancer; he approaches the body as a whole. His background is also reflected in the elegance of Mark's yoga poses and teaching skills. Mark teaches the variety of bodies; even the newbie can get into his yoga class while the advanced is more and more challenged. His classes are absolutely yoga but also a personal training. Whether you do Vinyasa Flow or Yin Yoga, you leave the class like a full workout. Mark helps you carefully and apparently lightly to make an adjustment to your body and what your body needs at that moment so that you get space in your body and your "energy" starts flowing. Not floaty, but mindful and grounded. In all the years that I have had the privilege of taking classes from Mark I have never had an injury in his class, unlike other yoga or pilates classes. Even when I was pregnant he managed to make the lesson effective for me and also with a recovering body after delivery he subtly coached me through the lessons as my body and mind needed. Mark is also simply a sun for your day and a blessing for your reflection. Mark is an unparalleled teacher, it is a mystery that this man does not yet have his own following among the rich and famous. His ability to lift your spirit as well as your butt and soul is a pure gift."

Merel B.

"I am not a fan of Yoga... I am Pilates teacher and I had tried Yoga several times, but I was never too impressed.. until I met Mark!! I went to his class because a friend recommended I try and I am very happy I did..! My deepest bow to the best and funniest Yoga teacher ever!! As a movement professional I have taken maaaany movement classes in my life, and Mark is one of the best movement teachers I know.. a true inspiration for me. I wish you the best Mark!!"

Violeta G.

"Mark is hands down the best yoga teacher I’ve had. The yoga practice he teaches is in itself great, but what makes him stand out is his ability to make the classes fun and inspiring in a very informal manner."

Lærke G.

"I totally enjoyed your class today..!

It's nice to notice that you are developing yourself in a more and more compassionate and motivating yoga-teacher...
 The things you do, the things you say: I was touched today to see you even giving some people personal support...

that's not something a lot of teachers manage or think of during a one-hour community-class.  

I left Svaha with this Jai Mark-feeling!”  

Heleen Dankbaar;
Yoga teacher, Founder & Owner of 'Mind Your Brain Yoga'

"First time in your class today.....and you made my day. You gave me all I needed, it's the best thing I could have done today. Not only the exercises, but very much too, the things you said during class. You said so many right things, it hit the right spot and i loved it. 
And you really help getting the best out of it, and indeed place for a laugh too!
I went home with this big smile.  Thank you!”


"Thank you for your time and your ever smiling effort. It was a wonderful and inspiring afternoon. I learned a lot of ‘little’ things. And although I know very well that it is not about how far/how deep, still it is a very nice feeling to get my hand in between my shoulder blades by myself, and experience my first headstand! I hope to join to again soon on your next workshop!”

Mariël H.

"Mark is a great teacher and human being! His classes are a mix of asana, philosophy and humor! I've started my yoga journey with him.. It was love at the first sight!"

Valeria S.

"Mark is a wonderful teacher. Every class I took with him, was with a smile on my face the entire time. He makes his students comfortable, and is great for a beginner or advanced yoga student. Happy toes!"