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What my students have to say...

...'cause that's really ALL you need to know!

"...When I met him I was recovering from a burn-out and his upbeat, gentle, humour full teaching style was exactly what I needed to transit into a more loving relationship with my body and with exercise." 

Marion Keizers

"Mark is Amsterdam's best kept yoga secret and it's time to share it ... 

His ability to lift your spirit as well as your butt and soul is a pure gift."

Merel Anne Bakker


" All the yoga sessions I attended with you, I thought were for a quick fix...
I now understand that it was learning a valuable skill that I can put into

practice when I need it the most.
A genuine thank you for everything you have taught me over the many sessions."

Luke Manning

"I am not a fan of Yoga...

I am Pilates teacher

and I had tried Yoga several times,

but I was never too impressed...

until I met Mark ..."

Violeta Gago


"Mark is hands down the best

yoga teacher I’ve had.

The yoga practice he teaches is in itself great, but what makes him stand out is

his ability to make the classes fun and inspiring in a very informal manner."

Lærke Lykke Grønnebæk

"Mark is a great teacher and human being! His classes are a mix of asana,

philosophy and humor!

I've started my yoga journey with him..

It was love at the first sight!"

Valeria Saporetti

Yoga teacher

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