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It might be hard to define the word 'Yoga' satisfyingly,

but it is definitely NOT a "lifestyle" or a way of selling thongs & water bottles or collect a social media following

('cause that idea seems to spread like wildfire these days and it just drives me BONKERS).

When we speak about Yoga practices,

we most commonly mean the physical Asana practice, Meditation, the use of breath.

BUT the regular application of those CAN change your life...  if you can get out of your OWN way.



  • Zoom - live - classes

  • comfort of your own home

  • recorded classes

  • according to YOUR schedule



  • most efficient

  • all attention on you

  • working on your individual needs

  • get the most benefits

  • comfort of privacy

Corporate Yoga

  • improve physical health & mental wellbeing

  • increase productivity

  • balance workplace stress

Workshops &


  • immerse yourself into the practice

  • extend your knowledge

  • change your routine

  • allow yourself to refresh

Meditation &


  • immerse yourself

  • change your daily routine

  • refresh yourself in a beautiful setting

  • allow yourself to be closer to yourself

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