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 My Mission

 is very simple:

"Take the practice serious,

but don't take yourself so serious

while you practice."

I think 'practice' is ANY activity that you use

regularly to work on yourself & your own well being -

physically & mentally.

Finding the right practice

that works for YOU and bring you JOY

is so darn important, but also have the fun.


And a final word:

don't get 'too stuck' in ideas of

what it all should be or should look like:

Dolly Parton taught me as much about life as Ram Dass did.

Find what rings true to YOU,

doesn't matter the source.

My yoga journey & studies are far from over,

but I would like to express my gratitude to my various teachers (and their teachers)

on this trip so far!

And to every student I ever had in my class...

thank you for teaching me too!

Here is a list of teachers & schools that influenced me & my Yoga:

  • Clive Sheridan several Immersions in India, France, Germany 2013-2019 )

  • Jason Crandell  (“Evolution of VinyasaYoga” 40h @triyoga, London, UK 2019 )

  • Svaha Yoga, Gösta van Dam & Patrick Vermeulen 500h TT "Vinyasa Krama Yoga",@ Svaha Yoga Shala, Amsterdam  2011 - 2012 )

  • Anat Geiger 200h (RYA) TT            "Yin Yoga" @Yogagarden, Amsterdam 2015/2016 )

  • Katchie Ananda 200h (RYA) TT  @Ganeshas Barn, Cologne

  • Sivananda Yoga ( 200h TT,  @Neuville-Aux-Bois Ashram, Orleans  2010 )

  • Rusty Wells ​ (100h (RYA) TT "Bhakti Flow", @Urban Flow, San Francisco, USA (2018)

My other trainings & qualifications

include among others things:

  • state-certified gymnastics teacher,

@Weber School, Düsseldorf D (1996-1999)

  • 15 years professional dance career (1999 - 2014),

  • Codarts Academy of Music & Dance,

Rotterdam,NL ('00-'02),

  • Thai Massage, @International Thai Massage School

"Thai Hand", NL ('14-'15),

  • licensed trainer for orthopaedic spine health

@KddR, D ('15)

I have been a (recurring) guest teacher

  • Svaha Yoga Shala, Amsterdam (2012 - 2020)

  • “Yoga Festival Terschelling” 2017 & 2018;

  • “HAPPINEZ” Festival 2019;

  • “International Day of Yoga” 2018 & 2019

  • "Stadswild Secret Yoga Club”

  • ”H&M”;

  • ”Victor & Rolf";

  • “Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam”;

  • "Royal Dance Conservatory", The Hague;

  • "Amsterdam University of the Arts";

  • "Codarts Academy of Music & Dance", Rotterdam;

  • “Babette Labeij Music Academy;

  • ” Yin Yoga TT 2018 ”Yoga Garden”, Amsterdam;

  • Präha Bildungszentrum Düsseldorf  


  • and many, many more

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