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Winter Wonderland

Updated: Sep 26, 2021

With the already eighth edition of the Stadswild Secret Yoga Club, we are already looking forward to the coming holidays. Yoga on Massive Attack, a secret teacher in hysterical yoga pants, vegan food and an early Christmas market.

On the first really cold evening of the year, nearly sixty Secret Yogis and two lost tourists wait until the door opens at six o'clock in front of the Intratuin Amsterdam. And when the doors open, everyone is directly surrounded by the smell of pine needles. Because exactly this weekend hundreds of Christmas trees have been delivered and the Christmas market of the Intratuin is ready for the coming holidays. DJ Jermain is on the spot of customer service, the mats are being rolled out behind the row of cash registers and the secret yoga teacher for tonight is ready ...

"Who is it? Who is it? "Is the question I hear most while welcoming all participants

Hysterical yoga pants

Anyone who follows the Stadswild Secret Yoga Club a little bit, knows that we always choose a senior yoga teachers who works internationally. Yoga teachers with a familiar name or just a hidden gem. Ultimately, yoga is about the quality and integrity with which you pass on the practice and philosophy. Not how many followers you have on Instagram. Mark Dowe is a familiar name in a certain circle, but for everyone tonight a hidden gem in hysterical yoga pants. A distinct personality that does not shy away from a confrontation. “Don’t think you’re any less than that super bendy flexible person on Instagram doing an impossible yoga pose while drinking a super healthy juice on that picture perfect beach on Bali. Do NOT fall into that trap!” And no, we can not force ourselves to come as far in a yoga position as the person next to us. “As long as you don’t live in that persons house or have him or her paying your taxes, they have nothing to do with you. So you don’t have to do that persons practice. Focus on your OWN practice.” Because yoga is what we do for ourselves. To get in touch with ourselves and to check whether everything we do, say, think still corresponds to who we are deep inside.

We are all Christmas trees

Mark compares us with Christmas trees. We can carry everything we encounter on our way with us, just like we are hanging a Christmas tree with decorations. But in the end we are not those decorations. We are just the tree. Yoga can help you to get rid of what does not belong to you and go back to the basics. "Just like that Christmas tree you are already beautiful in your own right." Wise words in English and Sanskrit are alternated with humor, unexpected vocalisations and a yoga flow that feels fantastic. For us, Mark is a perfect match with our concept. For the Secret Yoga Club we do not want self-proclaimed gurus who speak in abstract terms, but teachers who have already experienced a few things themselves, teach from a solid knowledge of both the human body and the yoga philosophy, speak from their hearts and do not shut anyone out. Because yoga is connection. Not only between body, mind and soul, but also with each other and the world around us.

Instagram Yogi

It is almost midnight and I am already sitting at home on the couch, looking back on what concerns us a very nice edition of the Secret Yoga Club. Mark Dowe. Remember that name. A hidden gem that does not put a perfect yoga plate on Instagram, but creates the moment in real life.

x Angélique

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