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“An exceptional relationship is not one with a good beginning but one with a good ending. Relationships often begin accidentally, but when it comes to ending them, we usually have choices. Choose the ending wisely."

( from “The things you can see only when you slow down” by Haemin Sunim)

Thinking a lot of relationships today...

the ones that are still in my life,

the ones that vanished,

the ones that I pushed away,

the ones I couldn’t hold on to,

the ones that changed me,

the ones I expected too much off,

the ones that surprised me,

the ones that burned me,

the ones I grew out of,

the ones I got lost in,

the ones that carried me to safe grounds,

the ones that challenged me,

the ones that I cried for,

the ones I laughed with,

the ones that left me for dead and

the ones that resurrected me...

I’m still not at the place to let it all go, but I want to forgive myself for when I didn’t understand, when I made assumptions and for when I did less than I could have.

My pain & regrets, as so many other things, I used to wear like a badge of honor:

look, I’m still here despite it all! Or was it an armor?

But I’m getting tired of carrying the heavy parts with me...

So if I never said it to your face or expressed it clearly before: thank you!

Thank you for your teachings! Some I still don’t understand, but I have faith that I will some day! Thank you for sharing some of my life with me!

Thanks for the ride! You are part of my story! Thank you!

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