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Hello darkness my old friend

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

I had such a fantastic time this month, with so many beautiful moments

that it felt like a real lottery win! Especially after the last few pandemic-horror years.

But I also feel a bit guilty of being so happy, because many of my dear friends and family are going through quite the hardship these days, from health to finances to loss to just a general "overwhelmed by life" feeling. It's silly but at moments it feels like there is not enough happiness to go around to everyone at the same time.

But no, that's just life. The constant flow of up's & down's that are simply part of it all.

I get it. That recognition that its all part of it just doesn't make it easier.

I'm doing my best now not to "wait" for my next down but just to run with this lovely feeling

I have right now and take that energy and just sprinkle it on anyone as much as I can.

Some of my friends are very good in playing down how much they suffer. Many of us do that.

You can't always tell who is in a dark or difficult place.

But just because you smile and show up for work, doesn’t mean you are not depressed or burned out. We really don’t know anybody’s inner troubles.

I sometimes barely understand & manage to work on my own demons.

Even at the best of times, how much do we actually know of another being, of the trouble & pain they might go through. Do even the people we are close to let us in completely?

These days we measure a life in filters & likes, in followers & fandom, in six-packs & dream locations, and yet we have no idea of the dark hours of somebody’s soul.

We only see what people let us see, I guess. And we ask ourselves why somebody doesn’t speak out or asks for help.

That's why we have to be there for each other and yes, it does take a damn village.

If you are alone, or better: lonely then our "existence"

on social media can really backfire.

Make no mistake: a ‘like’ is not real !!! ‘like’ is a verb, not a currency.

We think we are making contact! But we don’t!

And we throw these “likes” at those people that we actually love, that ARE actually close to us in the same manner & tempo, as people we have neither seen nor spoken to for decades...

or better yet: we have never even met.

Cherish who you love. All that social media nonsense is a sweet entertainment tool but it is nothing else, least of all actual human contact. And if we didn't learn anything else this last two years then it's how much we are in need of that human contact. To be close, to be able to share, to have somebody on your team in good times and bad times.

When did we loose both the ability or the desire to write a note, to call, to meet up?

pre or post pandemic?

The math is simple: if you didn’t talk to your friend in 6 months, you didn’t talk.

Doesn’t matter how many posts you liked.

We are always part of the oneness, all the time, but sometimes some of us need a stronger reminder that they are not as alone & lost as they think. That’s OUR job! To love, to share, to include ... and also to ask for help when we truly need it!

Sending love to everyone who feels lost & overwhelmed right now. I got ya!

Right behind ya! Let’s do this together!

You are loved, even if you forgot that right now! 🌈 I believe in you





(Photo by the fantastic @HermannLiemann )


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