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Damaged Goods

I'm talking these days in my classes a lot about the place that our hardship & pain take in our lives. How we might understand generally as good little yogis that these situations are part of it all, though it’s a lot harder to remind yourself of it when you are right in the process of being broken.

So, my darling possums and everyone else who needs it today, remember:

the little cracks make you more beautiful as you lived your life, which is your purpose on this earth.

All of it, not just the clean cut filtered “Disney-porn” version of life

that is presented generally on social media.🤪

yes, it is up to us to fill these cracks with gold! Not to cover them,

but to pay homage to the lessons we learned & the wisdom we gained.

We don’t want to suppress these moments, we won’t let them define us as victims or losers,

but we acknowledge them as important parts of our story and

how they made us into the smashing beast that we are today!

You are loved, darling, even if you don’t know it right this second!

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