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I’m flabbergasted... This week somebody told me, she heard people saying, that I have people managing my Instagram/social media? Really? 😂

First of all: It ain’t that good. 😆

I thought I did post a lot of personal stuff & comments & stories (between the generic class announcements, lol) but maybe it doesn’t seem as personal to others.

And unless anybody knows a handsome little genius-computer-wizard-intern

with too much free time that wants to help out, I’m on my own. 🧘🏻‍♂️

And struggling with it: If I think too long about that self-presenting on social media I get very clammy hands. It’s a weird ego-feeding line we balance.

How do we want to be perceived by others?

Am I the one who has figured it out, or am I the one struggling along?

Do I have to hunt down followers? Does that change anything really personally or professionally,

and if so: do I do enough? Should it be more professional, better marketing?

I’m was never a good salesman of myself.. but I can promise you a good time if you walk into my class!! 🦄

So I try to keep my social media antics as authentic as I can, just me!

Bad jokes and wrinkled face, sometimes too cynical or too dramatic,

but also happy to learn and evolve and bring some kindness and humor to the world around me.

Anyway, it’s just me! Woohoo ... and never forget many, many random hashtags

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