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Working with you
to enhance your life
through movement,
laughter & love

"When your enjoy the process more than the result itself,
you will always be golden."
Mark Dowe


My dear friends, 

I hope you are all doing fantastic!

If you are one of my possums, aka a fan of my classes/work

and you have the time & want to help me out 

I would greatly appreciate a review/rating on Google ,

so others can see not only what I do but how my students experience it. 

Soon it is time for me to pack my bags

and return to the amazing

Gasteiner Yogafestival, Austria

Springedition: - Breathe the Mountains -

from May 24th - June 2nd 2024

and I will be teaching from the

27th of May - 02nd of June.

Have a look at their last trailer

So I will be teaching all my classes in Rotterdam

until/including Thursday 23rd of May

and return on Friday 7th of June back to teaching.


Summer Yoga Retreat in Matera, Italy

from the 31st of July to the 5th of August

with my wonderful friend & colleague Imperia Lacetera.

It's going to be amazing!




My Online class on Zoom: 

Thursdays at 19.00h Vinyasa Flow


As always: 

you can also receive the recordings instead

to practice in your own time.


My regular live-class in Rotterdam

(with me being away from 24/05 - 06/06):

Tuesday @Sportcity Lijnbaan 16.30h YinYoga

Wednesday @Sportcity Lijnbaan 08.30h VinyasaYoga

Wednesday @Sportcity Maashaven 10.15h VinyasaYoga

Wednesday @Sportcity Lijnbaan 16.00h YinYoga

Wednesday @Sportcity Lijnbaan 17.00h VinyasaYoga

Thursday @Sportcity Zomerhof 09.00h Stretching

Friday @Sportcity Zomerhof 08.00h Stretching

Friday @Sportcity Maashaven 11.00h VinyasaYoga

Friday @Sportcity Maashaven 12.00h YinYangYoga

Friday @Sportcity Maashaven 16.30h YinYangYoga

Friday @Sportcity Maashaven 17.30h VinyasaYoga

Saturday @Sportcity Zomerhof 09.15h Stretching

Saturday @Sportcity Lijnbaan 12.15h VinyasaYoga


You can check it all in my latest Newsletter

(and get your FREE Yoga class)


So let's help ourselves with a bit of joyous practice together!


sending you love, MARK  

About Mark

About Mark

Proud Out-fluencer,

joyous Philosophy expounder,

professional hugger,

true believer in the power

of laughs & love

& teaching with a vengeance

for 25 years... and counting!



& Meditation


& Bodywork



Get in touch today to book

 your FREE 30 minute consultation

or if you want to book something

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